About Us

About Us

Simplifying compliance, reducing risk and administrative costs

The leading online global-network of safety-minded organizations, BROWZ simplifies the contractor and supplier compliance process with intuitive software solutions and a dedicated team of safety professionals. We assist clients in designing prequalification programs specific to their industry, and support contractors in the gathering, data entry and upload of their required data.

We help clients effectively measure contractor performance, while enabling suppliers and contractors to better meet contractual requirements. As an independent third party, BROWZ provides an efficient means to exchange and evaluate prequalification data.

The bottom line: the BROWZ process creates true risk mitigation and peace of mind.

Risk Reduction. BROWZ helps lessen risk through proper management of contractor prequalification practices including insurance, safety, HS&E, diversity, and other essential supply chain criteria. The result is a safer work environment and a positive effect on the workplace, your company, and reputation.

Reduce Costs. BROWZ enables contractors and clients to reduce potential costs of noncompliance, such as litigation, settlements and loss payouts. The BROWZ Back office solution can also reduce administrative costs related to compliance management.

Due Diligence. BROWZ validates critical prequalification data, evaluates ongoing data conformance, and proactively notifies interested parties of data expiration before it becomes a problem.

Business Growth. By joining the BROWZ Network, contractors have an opportunity to market their services to key decision makers they might have otherwise been unable to reach.

Increased Success. Through uncompromising service and compliance standards, BROWZ helps contractors, suppliers and clients increase the number of successful outcomes.