Benefits for registering

When you join the BROWZ Network, you join a global community of safety minded organizations with a commitment to improving upon the integrity of existing business practices. BROWZ assists its network members in understanding and managing the compliance requirements of their clients and future business relationships. BROWZ’ advanced technology and superior data solutions make the compliance process easier and more cost effective, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Joining the BROWZ Network brings about additional opportunities to grow your business. Not only is your organization highlighted in the BROWZ directory but BROWZ functionality allows you to market your products and services in a customizable profile, viewable to other client organizations. Share the information you wish, or provide a link back to your company’s home page. It’s all included in your annual subscription.

Additional benefits include

  • Single-source System
  • Timely Notifications
  • Third Party Verification
  • Simplified Data Organization
  • Supplier Directory
  • On Demand Availability
  • Back Office Administrative Resource
  • Supplier Advocacy/Support
  • Contractor Profile Pages

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