BROWZ Launches Solution to Support Management of ABCC Act and Building Code Requirements

BROWZ has launched a solution which enables organizations to understand their contractors and sub-contractors capabilities to meet the ABCC Building Code requirements. 

BROWZ, the leading provider of contractor management services in Australia, has announced the launch of a new service to assist principal contractors in managing the requirements of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) Building Code, and in particular assess whether their sub-contractors have the capability to meet Code requirements. The service can also assist sub-contractors to understand their requirements, if they wish to bid for federally-funded work.

The new Building Code comes into force on 1 September and provides both opportunities and challenges for lead contractors bidding for federally-funded projects.

“Many organisations have expressed concern in understanding the requirements,” says Owen West, Managing Director of BROWZ Australia. “There are also administrative impacts and potential penalties that could be incurred by companies who don’t comply.”

BROWZ has extensive experience in providing prequalification and audit tools to help companies understand risks within their supply chain. The BROWZ Code services include:

  • General company information about sub-contractors;
  • An online sub-contractor questionnaire covering their industrial instruments and their relevant policies and procedures related to the Code;
  • Online training platform to deliver Client-specific training materials designed to enable sub-contractor staff to understand Code requirements and how to behave on sites accordingly (additional fees apply);
  • Audit management tools enabling clients to monitor on-site behavior of sub-contractor management and staff.

“This new Building Code affects many of our current customers,” says West. “We have taken a very collaborative approach with several of our key clients in the construction industry as well as other relevant organisations to develop this solution. BROWZ will simplify the process of understanding whether your sub-contractors meet the building code requirements.”

To learn more about how BROWZ is helping companies respond to the ABCC Act Building Code, join its upcoming webinar.  

Webinar | How to assess your sub-contractors with the new ABCC Building Code

13 September, 2017 at 1pm AET

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