ABCC Act and Building Code Service

BROWZ enables you to understand your contractors and sub-contractors capabilities to meet the Building Code requirements.

BROWZ is a global company providing pre-qualification and risk mitigation services. BROWZ has developed a service to assist principal contractors in managing the requirements of the Building Code, and in particular assess whether their sub-contractors have the capability to meet Code requirements.

The Building Code provides opportunities and challenges for lead contractors bidding for federally-funded projects. There’s a need to understand the policies and procedures of sub-contractors relating to the Code, and there is also a need to audit sub-contractors on-site behaviour against Code requirements.

Many organisations have expressed concern in understanding the requirements, administrative impact and potential penalties that could be incurred in assessing their contractors and sub-contractors.

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ABCC Building Code Service Features

BROWZ has extensive experience in providing pre-qualification and audit tools to help clients understand risks within their supply chain. BROWZ services include:

  • General company information about sub-contractors;
  • An online sub-contractor questionnaire covering their industrial instruments and their relevant policies and procedures related to the Code; 
  • Online training platform to deliver Client-specific training materials designed to enable sub-contractor staff to understand Code requirements and how to behave on sites accordingly (additional fees apply);
  • Audit management tools enabling clients to monitor on-site behavior of sub-contractor management and staff;

The service has been developed with the support of several key BROWZ clients in the construction industry and is available to clients as part of a BROWZ subscription. For more information, contact your BROWZ Australia representative.


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