Reasons Why Leading Organizations Outsource Contractor Prequalification and Management [Infographic]

Jul 13, 2015

Why do leading organizations outsource contractor prequalification and management?

They recognize there is a risk every time a contractor comes on site. 

They know some contractor cut corners. 

They value life and believe in safety. 

They want to protect their brand. 

They don't want to reinvent the wheel | BROWZ provides more than 10 years of best practices. 

They lack the adequate administrative resources | BROWZ does the work for you. 

They lack the technology needed to proactively manage qualification data | BROWZ patented technology can be configured to your business needs. 

They want accurate data | BROWZ validates information such as: certificates of insurance, historical safety statistics, financial stability indicators, and much more. 

They don't want surprises | BROWZ notifies you before documents expire. 

They need real-time data that is accessible | BROWZ is available on your desktop and mobile device. 

They want contractors they can count on | BROWZ intuitive icons and score cards tell you who meets your standards. 

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*This infographic was originally published in the BROWZ - US blog on July 13, 2015.