Company Policies: Are They in Place?

Feb 02, 2016

Policies serve a bigger purpose in the overall goals of the organization than what employees initially realize. For example, they serve as a guide to achieve a predetermined action or outcome; they serve as a roadmap for decision making and they help continuously improve the way you do business. In the long run they help your organization reach its full potential. The key is having the right policies in place.

Documented organization policies will assist your company to implement processes and controls that illustrate to all employees and contractors what is expected of them. This can eliminate the need for supervisors and management to micro manage workers. There are many policies that show a commitment towards an organizational goal, such as an equal employment opportunity or corporate social responsibility policies.

Cost control is another important element to include in your suite of policies and will ensure that only costs indicated in the appropriate policies are expended in accordance with authorization levels. For example, when choosing suppliers, vendors, or contractors. This would then be tied to your financial policies.

There are a standard list of policies like quality and safety that should be included within the overarching management systems. These include the common policies of a safety policy, quality policy, injury management, document control and records management, and training and/or an education policy. Organizations are also more concerned about their reputation in the marketplace and will subsequently create policies like corporate social responsibility, environment policy, contractor/supplier management policy, and equal employment opportunity.

In the modern business world today, organizations are also introducing technology use policies, such as Internet and email use policies as well as social media interaction.

Having the right policies in place can eliminate many concerns when it comes to issue resolution in the workplace, whether by providing clear direction on company benefits and remuneration or dealing with drug and alcohol use and eventually disciplinary procedures. Well written and implemented policies will prevent potentially costly legal issues.

The appropriate policies can also help you gain more business. Policies combined into an effective management system may be requested when tendering to larger organizations that have supplier management systems or contractor management systems. Your potential clients will need to satisfy their own supplier management policies by requesting your safety policy for example.

Developing a suite of polices or a business management system that addresses every aspect of your business is not easy. Ensuring that your policies also comply with certain standards can be a complicated process. This is best handled by a professional in that area or an organization that can provide the framework in an online management system.