Continuous Use of Best Practices and Constant Improvement

Apr 26, 2016

Managing a contractor or supplier working on a project for your company is more than a one-time event – it is a fluid process that must be adjusted throughout the project. If your executives or administrators believe that this is a one-time event, they may not recognize the value in the implementation of a supply chain prequalification process. When the process is constantly updated to make the contractors and suppliers work to be better, the program has real value to your company and provides positive feedback to the contractor to ensure a lasting working relationship.

The ultimate goal of a supplier or contractor is to not just finish this project for you, but also to be your go-to when you need similar services in the future. Without constant adjustments to the program and feedback about how to improve, neither your company nor the contractor have any real stake in the process, making it extraneous and time-consuming.

The Value of Prequalification

From the beginning, both the individuals involved with your company and the supplier must understand the benefits of prequalification. Many companies opt to handle the process in-house, but find that more resources are used than it is worth over time. When a third party company like BROWZ is used to handle the prequalification and compliance ends of the deal, then updated technology is used to streamline and automate processes that previously took man hours that detracted from the overall goal. 

Incorporate Best Practices for a Fluid Process

Companies that are passionate about prequalification and compliance right out of the gate tend to be more successful – but may find that enthusiasm wanes over time if the idea becomes stagnant and isn’t improved on over time. Best practices include:

  • Regularly updated data
  • Resources allotted for future events
  • Continued, demonstrated value to the company

A supply chain can mature and grow with your company with the right type of improvement and supervision, but without it the idea loses momentum and everything stalls. Your company has the power to improve the work of a supplier or contractor simply by providing regular feedback and changing the compliance regulations as it becomes necessary.

Show Value to Both Companies

As with any program, there must be some type of value to both parties in order to get individuals passionate about the need. Some of the benefits of prequalification to the supply chain are:

  • Clear, concise expectations and tasks from the beginning
  • More organization and ability to finish projects early and under budget
  • Communication that is effective and productive in improving work
  • Regular, stable work with a company
  • A solid reputation within the industry and a prequalification company that provides business

While the benefits to the supplier or contractor are important, perhaps even more important is the value that is added to your company during the process. Benefits to any company that provides a fluid, constantly evolving management program include:

  • A stable, loyal relationship with contractors that enjoy working on your projects
  • Better organization within your company
  • Lower costs and fewer man hours required to manage contractors and suppliers during the project
  • Mitigated risks with a supply chain that has been pre-approved and qualified to work on any project

If a company does not see the value in the qualification process, it may fizzle out over time. Executives, administrators and employees must understand from day one that the process should be constantly evolving, and that the process can save time and money both externally and internally.

When your company understands the value of the program, the support remains constant throughout the project, and you save precious time and energy that could be spent arguing for the resources you need to finish a project on time.

The supply chain prequalification process can be a great experience for both your company and the contractor as you work to improve working relationships and protect your brand and company name.

Lower Risks With Our Help

Here at BROWZ, we ensure that contractors and suppliers you work with are qualified, safe and socially responsible before they start working on your project. Contractors and suppliers submit qualification data to us, we score and validate their information and provide you with a supply chain you can be confident in working with. Our technology and processes allow you to save time and energy when a supply chain is needed to complete your work. We reduce your risks and increase company efficiency with a supply chain prequalification program that works for every business. Call us today to learn more.