Contractors Must Meet Sustainability Guidelines

Jun 28, 2016

More and more companies are voluntarily implementing green initiatives to reduce costs and preserve the environment — and simultaneously they are expecting their suppliers and service contractors to do the same. Other corporations are feeling the pressure to announce sustainability plans, whether it's from local governments, consumers or even high-level executives. Whatever the driving cause, sustainability is becoming more important to companies across the world, and organizations will want to take care to ensure their material and service suppliers are also involved in green activities.

A growing trendAnnouncing sustainability initiatives isn't just a small trend — it's becoming a growing movement among some of the world's largest corporations. Some may see it as their corporate social responsibility, while others may hope they set an example for smaller companies to follow. Many businesses are implementing plans to reduce resource waste, use more renewable energy, ensure employees work in safe environments and use materials that are recycled or not considered at-risk resources.

Compliance is essentialWhen companies make a major public commitment to sustainability, they can't risk letting their business partners tarnish their reputation. When an industry leader voices plans to develop sustainability policies and then is caught working with a supplier that wastes nonrenewable resources or is responsible for environmental destruction, it can destroy the corporation's reputation and credibility.

To prevent this scenario, companies that decide to announce sustainability plans need to thoroughly educate and pre-qualify their suppliers to ensure they are complying with regulations. Keeping track of suppliers can be a challenge, especially for large enterprises that have a large network of contractors. BROWZ can help a company determine if its many partners are truly keeping up with green initiatives, or if their practices may cause problems for a business in the long run. As sustainability becomes an important issue for companies and consumers, it is essential to ensure contractors are abiding by guidelines set by regulators or the hiring company.