Supplier Compliance Essential to Protect Consumers

Aug 09, 2016

Contractor Management Systems Support Demand

Companies that sell consumer products may assume their suppliers will follow safety, production, and handling standards set by the government or industry. However, contractors that neglect to abide by approved practices could be putting dangerous goods on the market.

This noncompliance could result in consumers falling ill or using a potentially risky product. In addition to the threat to human life, the scenario may also seriously damage a company's reputation. Therefore, contractor prequalification is essential for businesses looking to hire suppliers.

Monitoring supplier compliance
Thoroughly verifying suppliers before purchasing their materials or finished goods is absolutely essential. Hiring companies must recognize the risks of working with contractors and suppliers that fail to comply with standards. The recent events related to tainted pharmaceuticals from a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy underscore this need. Products that are manufactured, stored, or handled inappropriately could be tainted. As a result, they can sicken consumers or even cause serious illnesses that may be fatal.

No business wants to risk its name being associated with a product that threatened public safety, as this can result in negative press and permanently tarnish a company's image. Even if a business emerges from the situation intact, it may be plagued with investigations, fines, and citations.

To ensure all suppliers are compliant and commit to protect consumers and guarantee product safety, it is important to validate these claims and ensure a supplier's past is free of significant issues with contamination. Companies looking to avoid potential problems with dangerous products should invest in contractor screening before making the decision to hire a supplier.

Investing in a contractor management system can help ensure their operations prioritize regulatory compliance and do not threaten consumer safety. These solutions are critical to ensuring the qualification of onsite contractors as well as proactive vendor management.