How to Prequalify and Manage Your Contractors, Suppliers, and Vendors

Although it’s widely accepted for businesses to focus on their core competencies and outsource noncore activities to third-party contractors, how do you control the risk? What if contractors are negligent, unsafe, or incompetent? What if they go bankrupt? The results can often affect brand and shareholder value, and result in reputational damage and death.

Managing contractor, supplier, and vendor risk in house can be a difficult process. How can you reduce your risk exposure and provides one central database to view contractors, suppliers, and vendors with their compliance status? Join BROWZ for Part 1 of demo week showing you how BROWZ product, SURE Qualify can help you to prequalify and manage your contractors, suppliers, and vendors. 

Key Topics

  • Risk rating your suppliers, contractors, and vendors
  • Assessing your contractors and suppliers
  • Communicating and supporting your contractors through the process
  • Gaining access to contractor compliance data


Doug Hall

Doug Hall

Global Business Development, APAC

Doug brings over 28 years of sales and sales management experience to BROWZ. As Director of Business Development of BROWZ Australia/ APAC Region, Doug is responsible for all aspects of obtaining new business in Australia, and the APAC Region. 

Rebecca Duke

Rebecca Duke

Professional Services

Rebecca grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and is a Project Manager with experience in technical project planning and implementations. Rebecca enjoys working closely with clients to develop database requirements and manage organisational change. Recently, Rebecca led the SURE Workforce implementation for a key Australian construction client.


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