BROWZ has provided supplier qualification and management solutions since 2001. Working with the world’s largest organizations, including respected Fortune 50 brands, BROWZ has the proven expertise to provide supplier qualification and management, whether you have an existing program or are starting from scratch.

BROWZ serves more than 35 industries, including utilities, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining, cement and aggregate, facility management, engineering, construction, forestry products, performance fibers, municipalities/public services, food and beverage, steel, entertainment, real estate, transportation,  food packaging and distribution, and more.

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BROWZ is particularly proud of our people, who have highly specialized skills and professional training related to all areas of supplier qualification and management. We employ experts in several key areas, including health, safety, environment, insurance, risk, and corporate social responsibility.

Professional Services

“Technology alone won’t make your supplier qualification program a success.”

When it’s time to develop your supplier qualification program, we will be ready to assist you, sharing more than a decade’s worth of best practices to ensure a successful implementation. We will be a liaison between you and your suppliers, offering expertise and training. We will be your long-term partner to improve and manage your program.

Product and Technology

“We make the promise of ‘The Right Fit’ a reality.”

We configure our products to meet your needs, but we don’t stop there. We listen to you and continue to innovate new products and solutions, digging deeper into the areas of hidden risk that might go unnoticed.

Safety Professionals

“Expertise is more than just book knowledge, it’s experience.”

You’ll never need to guess at the right level of assessment for your supply chain. We consult with the world’s most respected brands to create or enhance supplier qualification systems that improve safety cultures. And we’ll do it for you.

Registration Team

“The initial outreach and communication to your suppliers is critical to the overall success of your compliance program.”

We contact each of your suppliers directly, inviting them to participate in your supply chain qualification program, then report back on the status of each invitation.

Assessment and Audit Team

“Don't risk the reputation of your company by relying on information that hasn't been verified.”

We validate your suppliers’ submitted data for accuracy and compliance. Our rigorous assessments include:

  • Document validity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Validation against public and private databases
  • Conformance with your corporate standards

Supplier Support Team

“It's easier to ask for help when you know who you're talking to.”

We assign a single point of contact to each of your suppliers—they’ll speak to the same person every time they need help. Someone familiar with your unique business requirements will be guiding your suppliers on an ongoing basis to help them achieve and maintain compliance.


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Supporting customers around the world
BROWZ is headquartered in Salt Lake City, with offices in New York City, Toronto, London, Düsseldorf, and Sydney to support our customers around the globe.

Our Partners In Quality

When it comes to compliance, we understand the importance of accurate assessment and qualification. BROWZ validates all supplier data against applicable regulatory databases, including the EPA, OSHA, MSHA, SAM.gov, DOT, BLS, and many more.

We also partner with third parties to enhance submitted data and provide you with the most complete view of your supply chain. Our partners in quality include Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Predictive Compliance.

In addition to maintaining quality, verified data, BROWZ also aligns with industry-leading organizations to stay informed about topics that are important to our customers, including data privacy, security, safety, sustainability, and government regulation.


Elaine Beitler

Chief Executive Officer, Serves on the Board of Directors

"It's rare to find an organization where service is equal to the quality of a software solution and vice versa. We have that at BROWZ, software to deliver comprehensive assessments and outstanding talent to support our clients and their supply chain."

Elaine Beitler is the Chief Executive Officer for BROWZ, LLC. and member of the Board of Directors. With over 30 years of experience leading business and technology solutions, Elaine brings the experience, passion, and proven ability to drive value for BROWZ’ clients.

At BROWZ, Elaine has brought her unique ability to develop innovative technology solutions to meet evolving business needs, all with the highest level of quality and client focus. She’s driven for excellence, has a proven track record for developing high performing teams, and a reputation for results. Clients can be confident that her focus is on their success, and her commitment and reputation for meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Elaine’s experience at companies such as Bowne & Company and Seagram & Sons, provided her with global experience leading businesses, manufacturing, and technology across a diverse group of businesses. Ms. Beitler holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from the State University of New York at Albany.

Jonathan Spira

Chief Financial Officer

"As Chief Financial Officer, it's imperative that systems are in place to manage risk across the entire enterprise, to protect shareholder value and assure financial stability."

Jonathan Spira has been building and leading successful high-growth technology companies in the Chief Financial Officer role for more than 20 years, during which time he and his management teams created more than 7,500 jobs and more than $2 billion of shareholder value.  Mr. Spira joined BROWZ in 2017 as its Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to BROWZ, Jonathan served as CFO at Nikola Motor Company, Untangle, publicly-traded blnkx plc (LON:RTHM), Kapow Technologies, Packethop, Atrenta, ePeople and Autonomy Corp (LON:AU), where he spearheaded its successful IPO. Before serving as CFO, Mr. Spira held senior finance and planning positions at Walt Disney Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Nestlé Food Company and worked as a consultant in KPMG’s Merger & Acquisition practice. 

Derek Borgert

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

"With a growing demand for supplier qualification and assessment solutions, I feel fortunate to lead such dynamic development and service teams who continually deliver great solutions worthy of the world’s leading organizations."

Derek Borgert is Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Operations. With more than 15 years of experience in business and technology leadership roles, Derek is responsible for BROWZ technology and operations, including software development, infrastructure security, and supply chain support.

Derek leads an innovative application development team who are focused on the creation of configurable software and technologies required to support enterprise supply chain needs.

His prior experiences with IBM Global Services and Bowne & Co provide him with an understanding of the balance of service and technology that is necessary to be successful in serving a broad, diverse range of clients in a secure, reliable, and scalable way. His passion is leveraging technology and service to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

Estela Valdez

Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary

As vice president and general counsel, Ms. Valdez is responsible for providing direction and leadership on a wide variety of domestic and international legal issues facing the corporation, including in the areas of intellectual property, compliance and information security, labor and employment, and commercial law. Additionally, as corporate secretary, Ms. Valdez provides direction to BROWZ’s CEO and board of directors on a wide range of corporate governance and legal issues.

Prior to joining BROWZ, Estela was vice president, lead information security counsel at American Express. Ms. Valdez has also served as assistant general counsel at Bowne & Co., Inc. and vice president of legal and business affairs at Deutsche Bank. Estela is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Jeff Wyatt

Chief Revenue Officer

“I’ve worked with many wonderful organizations over the years, but I’ve never been a part of a company that works as diligently as BROWZ to provide solutions that are the right fit for our customers. To sell an out of the box solution is not the way we do business, our customers deserve more.”

Jeff is Vice President, Business Development. With over 30 years of experience, Jeff is responsible for global business development opportunities at BROWZ.

A master of relationship building, Jeff’s experience and ability to partner with the world’s most premier companies is driving growth at BROWZ. Jeff successfully manages a team world-wide of technology minded representatives with the ability to educate customers and design qualification and supply chain management solutions tailored to their customers. He has extensive experience developing relationships, offices, and teams world-wide, and has brought that experience and passion to BROWZ to create a culture focused on developing value for our clients and improving the qualification process.

Prior to joining BROWZ, Jeff had a senior level position world-wide with Bowne & Co, and also worked at Turner Construction Company, UNOCAL, and WRC Environmental Permitting.

Shane Neve

Vice President, Global Solutions Architect

"With a growing demand for supplier qualification and assessment solutions, I feel fortunate to lead such dynamic development and service teams who continually deliver great solutions worthy of the world’s leading organizations."

Shane Neve is Vice-President, Global Solutions Architect. With over 20 years of experience in various business leadership roles, Shane leads the teams responsible for all aspects of the client relationship from implementation to ongoing support.

Having joined BROWZ in 2005, Shane has gained significant experience in this industry, working with many companies world-wide, and brings those best practices to each client who joins BROWZ. Shane and his team are extremely effective at partnering with our clients to develop the right solution for their unique needs. Shane’s team implements best practices, experience and knowledge from the many clients that they’ve serviced globally, helping the world’s largest companies to successfully achieve their supply chain objectives.

His extensive and broad experience with various companies including Gateway Computers, Amazon, and Affiliated Computer Services gives him a deep understanding of how to best service a diverse set of clients with the highest level of service.

Aaron Rudd

Vice President, Customer Success and Innovation

“BROWZ is fortunate to have fantastic partners who are proactive and forward thinking in the areas of supplier qualification and supply chain management. It’s this attitude and spirit of cooperation that allows us to create tools that simplify and further the objectives of global supply chains.”

Aaron is Vice President of Customer Success and Innovation. With more than 15 years of experience, including a leadership role at BROWZ since 2003, Aaron has supported some of our earliest clients. He is perfectly positioned to lead the Product Development & Safety Management function for BROWZ. In this role, Aaron’s team has successfully launched many new solutions driven by our client’s evolving needs, including all aspects of workforce management, the financial stability indicator, and improved user experience. His team is also responsible for expansion of BROWZ Sure Audit, which includes Safety Program and Management System Audits.

Aaron joined BROWZ through the acquisition of Safety Services, and is responsible for many of the processes and documents used by BROWZ today. His depth of subject matter expertise, coupled with his excellent client focus, enables BROWZ to focus on the right offerings at the right time for our valued clients.

Brett Armstrong

Vice President of Marketing

“I’m continually impressed by the innovation at BROWZ, it extends to every area of our business. I see this throughout the organization as our employees configure solutions specific to the needs of our customers. At BROWZ we strive to provide the right solution for the challenges our customers face.”

Brett Armstrong is Vice President of Marketing. With more than 15 years of experience in various leadership roles, and working at BROWZ since 2005, Brett has the grounded experience in our industry and innovative spirit to lead the marketing team at BROWZ.

Earlier at BROWZ, Brett led the operations team for more than 7 years, this experience provides him today with the foundation and understanding necessary to support the communication needs of our clients and contractors. Brett’s operational background initially developed while working at PRG-Shultz where he served in multiple leadership roles including assistant Director of Operations. His depth of experience in our industry, coupled with his educational background in marketing allow him to further the BROWZ message and speak to the needs of our clientele.

Brett has a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit that is connected to the practical needs of our valued customers. His passion is bringing greater clarity and communication to our clients and contractors using creativity and technology.

Kevin Erickson

Vice President of Human Resources

“BROWZ takes great pride in hiring dynamic professionals, who are committed to the service of our clients and their supply chains.”

Kevin is Vice President, Human Resources. With over 25 years of experience, Kevin is responsible for global human resource management at BROWZ including recruiting, benefits and payroll administration, employee training, performance management, compensation and salary administration, employee relations, conflict resolution and HR compliance.

Kevin’s vast experience and ability identify, hire and develop a dynamic work force is driving employee satisfaction at BROWZ. Kevin has brought his experience and passion to BROWZ to create an employee culture focused on serving clients while maintaining a lean and efficient work force.

Prior to joining BROWZ, Kevin held various HR management positions over a 20 year career at Discover Financial Services LLC.

David Quayle

Managing Director, APAC

“I believe the combination of the BROWZ best in class technology, coupled with our outstanding levels of customer service, ensure we have a market leading proposition, which provides both excellence in supplier compliance to our clients, whilst adding extensive value to our contractor customers.”

David has a highly developed entrepreneurial mindset with extensive experience in developing and growing businesses within the Australian and APAC market, over multiple market sectors. Prior to his work with BROWZ, David spent 20 years building business from the ground up in the Automotive, Telecom Technology, Mining Technology, Inventory Management Technology and Product Distribution sectors. His attention to sales, customer service, and high quality technology deployment has resulted in consistent accelerated rates of growth in all businesses.

David originally qualified as a Civil Engineer and has an MBA from Henley Management College in the UK.  

Richard H. Brown

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Brown is the former chairman of the board and CEO of Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), serving from 1998 to 2003. Before his appointment at EDS, he served as CEO of Cable & Wireless (C&W) PLC in London as a member of its board of directors. He became president and CEO of H&R Block, Inc., in 1995. Before joining H&R Block, he was CEO of Illinois Bell; he was named vice chairman and a member of the board of directors of Ameritech Corporation in 1993.

Mr. Brown is a member of the board of directors of DuPont, based in Wilmington, Delaware, and has been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from both Ohio University and James Madison University. He formerly served as a member of the Business Roundtable, the President’s Advisory Committee on Trade and Policy Negotiations, the U.S.-Japan Business Council, the French-American Business Council, and the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Lon E. Henderson

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Henderson serves as president and CEO of Soltis Investment Advisors. He has a background in business management, portfolio asset management, and private equity analysis and funding.

Mr. Henderson has been active in research, analysis, and funding of various private equity projects, including projects in the financial services, energy, telecommunications, and real estate industries.

Ryan Melkonian

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Melkonian is the managing partner of Melkonian Capital Management, LLC. Mr. Melkonian has nineteen years of investment experience, focusing primarily on public markets, private equity, and real estate. Previously, he spent nine years at First Long Island Investors, LLC, where he was a principal and senior portfolio manager, overseeing $1.3 billion in assets invested across multiple asset classes.

From 1998 to 2001, he was also a principal of W.P. Stewart Asset Management, a leading money management firm with more than $10 billion under management. Mr. Melkonian began his career as an analyst for Republic National Bank of New York.

He is a chartered financial analyst and received a BS degree from Cornell University in 1992 and an MBA with honors from Columbia University in 1998. Mr. Melkonian is actively involved in a number of philanthropic and community activities.

Kevin Bhatt

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Bhatt is a partner of Long Ridge Equity Partners, a private equity firm focused on growth capital investments in the financial services sector.

Prior to joining Long Ridge, Kevin was a vice president with AEA Investors LP, a leading middle market private equity firm. Prior to joining AEA Investors, Kevin was an associate at TH Lee Putnam Ventures, where he served as a member of the firm’s financial services and business services teams. Kevin began his career at McKinsey & Company, where he was a member of the financial services group.

Kevin received a BA in economics with honors from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

“BROWZ provides the ability to grow and develop a meaningful and long term career. I appreciate working within an organisation that has a true entrepreneurial spirit where talent is nurtured and opportunities for personal development, irrelevant of status, are made available.”

Michael Ford, Director of Global Assessment Services, BROWZ