Caterpillar Case Study

Global equipment manufacturing company partners with BROWZ to implement a best-in-class contractor safety program to ensure contractors are safe and qualified. 

Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy machinery and diesel engines. Caterpillar has annual revenue exceeding $60 billion and employs approximately 125,000 people at facilities around the world.

As a Fortune 50 company, Caterpillar wanted to create a best-in class supplier qualification and management program that would scale globally. Recent incidents involving contractors gave them a sense of urgency to identify deficiencies in their approach to contractor safety and find a partner that would fit their needs.

Caterpillar had a vision for the type of contractor qualification program they wanted in place and BROWZ was able to help them pinpoint a strategy that added value to both Caterpillar and its suppliers.

When the program was first implemented, Caterpillar realized that only about 25% of their supply chain was compliant to their new qualification standards. Over the course of the first year, BROWZ and its support team worked with Caterpillar’s contractors to educate them on the standards for insurance and safety, achieving ~80% compliance by year end. Over the following years, Caterpillar saw a consistently decreasing injury rate among the contractors in BROWZ.

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