CTI Industries Inc. Case Study

CTI Industries Inc. experiences greater efficiency and better service with BROWZ

CTI Industries Inc. is a technical service company and global leader specializing in steam condenser and heat exchanger repair. Working with complex businesses and situations, CTI Industries Inc. has to ensure the highest safety standards for all their employees and clients. In 2009, CTI Industries Inc. was asked to register in BROWZ for both Ameren and Rayonier, and now provides services for many BROWZ clients in the refining, chemical, and power generation industries.

After registering with BROWZ, CTI Industries Inc. can set their business apart from the competition and better serve its many BROWZ clients.

"BROWZ sets us apart as official, reliable, and responsible. With numerous clients and opportunities for business, we want to make sure that we are continually putting our best foot forward – BROWZ makes that easier.”

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CTI Industries Inc. Case Study Here

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