[Webinar] How to Evaluate Motor Carriers in your Supply Chain

Are you hiring safe and reliable motor carrier suppliers? Do you review their FMCSA/Department of Transportation compliance rates?  Do you monitor this data over time? 

SURE Carrier simplifies the process of evaluating your motor carriers. It pulls all the data together making it easy to track and trend the FMCSA/Department of Transportation safety and performance of motor carriers in your supply chain. 

Join BROWZ for a live webinar introducing this product. Matt Anderson will be giving you a live demonstration of this new product and will be joined by Annette Jones from Lhoist. Annette will discuss how SURE Carrier has provided Lhoist with the information they need to track the compliance of their motor carriers.

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Annette_175.jpgAnnette Jones Logistics Manager, Controlling & Freight Payment, Lhoist

Annette Jones is a Logistics Manager, Controlling & Freight Payment with Lhoist North America, a division of the Belgium based Lhoist Group that produces lime, limestone and clay. 

Ms. Jones has been with Lhoist North America for 12 years and is accountable for the logistics reporting of distribution costs along with managing the Freight Payment team which includes the management and administrative duties for transportation providers.


Alex Dalpe, Professional Services Manager, BROWZ

Alex Dalpe is a Professional Services Manager at BROWZ with 8 years of compliance experience in the private and public sector. Mr. Dalpe received a Master of Science in the field of regulatory compliance and data analysis.


Matt Headshot Resized.pngMatt Anderson, Product Manager, BROWZ

As a product manager, Matt has recent experience with browser-based and mobile applications dealing with US and Canadian workforce regulations. Matt is excited to discuss SURE Carrier, the newest add-on product offering to BROWZ SURE Qualify.


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