Supplier Qualification Leader BROWZ Goes Mobile

BROWZ, a global leader in supplier qualification and supply chain management solutions is announcing a formal mobile development strategy as a part of their robust supplier qualification solution. The announcement includes the release of a new mobile application, the first of its kind in the industry.

“BROWZ is committed to enhancing accessibility and driving innovation within our product solutions,” says Aaron Rudd, Vice President of Product Development. “The future for BROWZ includes mobile delivery throughout our suite of products. The way our clients manage their complex supply chains has evolved over the years with active contractor management both in the office and in the field. Our product mission is to develop solutions that are the right fit for our clients, joining together powerful supply-chain data with an easy-to-access solution, anywhere in the world.”

In April 2015, BROWZ will take their first step in the mobile journey, launching a mobile application that allows clients to access critical data for their supply chain. In the coming months, BROWZ will continue to release mobile capabilities that are “the right fit” for mobile devices.

Rudd emphasizes, “This is not a re-sized desktop application, but a new method for managing prequalification.”

According to Rudd, BROWZ is the first prequalification provider to offer a true mobile app with enhanced functionality specific to the mobile device. “Business today must be flexible. We are improving the way our customers work with their contractors and suppliers, providing easier access to contractor prequalification data.

This new mobile application provides enterprise organizations with unprecedented access to their supplier data. Real-time data will be accessible both in the office and out in the field, anywhere a mobile or Wi-Fi connection is available.

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