New Product Enables Organizations to Evaluate Motor Carriers Across Their Entire Supply Chain

BROWZ, a global leader in supplier prequalification and supply chain management solutions, is announcing the launch of a transportation-specific product designed for clients who use U.S. motor carrier suppliers and contractors.

SURE Carrier’ enables organizations to track and trend transportation motor carrier suppliers for safety performance. With SURE Carrier, users can view FMCSA/US DOT safety performance information, conduct BROWZ transportation-specific assessments, as well as track and trend FMCSA/US DOT safety performance metrics on current and potential transportation contractors.

"We’ve heard repeatedly from clients how important it is to be sure that their motor carrier suppliers are assessed for safety performance," says Aaron Rudd, VP of Product Development at BROWZ.  “The need stretches across many industries, since almost every supply chain we deal with includes transportation. SURE Carrier provides you with a detailed view of the performance of your current motor carrier suppliers, and it gives you data to validate new contractors based on trending performance data.”

With SURE Carrier, you can:

  • View CSA BASICs data for your suppliers for key measurements such as: Unsafe driving, Controlled substances/alcohol, Vehicle maintenance, Out-of-Service rates
  • Monitor supplier data month-to-month
  • Monitor hazmat and passenger-carrying suppliers
  • Compare motor carriers with US national thresholds and averages
  • Measure supplier’s performance based on company policies
  • Set thresholds for acceptable ratings based on company policy
  • Compare multiple suppliers to determine the right fit


Click here to view a recording of a past webinar demonstrating SURE Carrier. BROWZ product manager, Matt Anderson provides a live demonstration SURE Carrier and is be joined by Annette Jones from Lhoist. Ms. Jones discusses how SURE Carrier has provided Lhoist with the information they need to track the compliance of their motor carriers.

Click here to view webinar.

Learn more about SURE Carrier in the video below. 


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