BROWZ Expands Member Benefits - Includes Columbia Southern University Tuition Discounts

BROWZ, the leading provider of contractor management services and compliance solutions, has announced an aggressive strategy to deepen member benefits. Since 2001, BROWZ has provided the world’s largest global organizations and their supply chains with an efficient means to exchange compliance data including Environmental Health and Safety, Insurance, Financial, Business Continuity, Diversity information and more.

In addition to the benefits of improved communication, efficiency and relationships that its SaaS based solution provides, BROWZ is expanding its offering to include additional resources, partnerships and discounts to assist members (contractors/suppliers) in the operation of their businesses.

BROWZ VP of Product Development, Aaron Rudd says, “BROWZ is formally expanding the benefits of our contractor management system. We’re absolutely committed to providing value added services and solutions for our members. We’re a global community of safety minded organizations, which includes contractors, suppliers, vendors and global enterprises. We value these relationships, and believe they should be rewarded for their outstanding corporate citizenship. That’s why we’re formally expanding the offering, to include corporate discounts, training products, and strategic relationships as a value add for our members.”

Rudd Continues, “One thing we consistently hear from our customers is a desire for additional training and education. BROWZ already has great partners with online training content, and today we’re announcing a new partnership with Columbia Southern University that will provide deep discounts for individuals interested in continuing their personal education and continuing education credits. BROWZ has negotiated a 10% tuition discount for BROWZ members and their families.”

Established in 1993, Columbia Southern University is one of the nation’s top online universities providing an alternative to the traditional university experience. CSU offers associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines including Occupational Safety & Health.

The Learning Partner Program established for BROWZ members provides exclusive benefits to all employees and members of BROWZ, as well as their spouse and children. Benefits of the partnership include: 

  • 10% tuition discount on all classes and a waiver of the Application Fee
  • Textbooks provided at no cost
  • Exclusive Learning Partner Scholarship opportunities
  • Complimentary evaluation of previously earned college credits and professional training classes
  • Access to writing and math specialists through the CSU Student Success Center

To learn more about the Columbia Southern University discount and other BROWZ Member benefits, please contact your BROWZ representative or login to your BROWZ account.

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