[Webinar] Transforming Contractor Management Through Mobile Technology

Supply chain management has typically been reserved to the desktop. BROWZ is changing this paradigm through mobile technology. Now supply chain compliance data is readily accessible to all stakeholders both in the office and out in the field.

Join Matt Anderson and Brett Armstrong of BROWZ as they explore the ever-changing growth of mobile technology and how it can be applied to the supply chain. View a demonstration of BROWZ mobile applications designed to efficiently manage contractor compliance. 

Webinar: Transforming Contractor Management Through Mobile Technology

Presenters: Matt Anderson, Product Manager, BROWZ and Brett Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing, BROWZ

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As a product manager, Matt has recent experience with browser-based and mobile applications dealing with US and Canadian workforce regulations. After the success of the award-winning BROWZ for Clients mobile app, Matt worked on the BROWZ for Suppliers app, released in August 2015 for all contractors using BROWZ products. Matt is currently working on the third mobile app from BROWZ.

Brett has been with BROWZ for over ten years and has supported the world's leading organizations, during the implementation and ongoing management of supply chain qualification programs. He previously led the operations team for more than 7 years, this experience provides him today with the foundation and understanding necessary to support the communication needs of our clients and contractors.

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