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Contractor Management Strategies in a Complex World

A research study on contractor management from the Campbell Institute

Managing contractor safety can be especially difficult in an increasingly global world with international workforces. Join the National Safety Council and new Campbell Institute Member, BROWZ, as they cover the findings from the Campbell Institute’s research project on contractor safety and management.

This study was comprised of insight from 14 Campbell Institute members to gain best practices in the management of contractors. This presentation will cover the five crucial steps of the contractor lifecycle and provide examples on how to address risks arising within each. Common challenges will also be addressed with tips for tricks for overcoming them and implementing a successful contractor management program. 

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Key Takeaways:

 1) Learn about the 5 crucial steps of the contractor lifecycle

2) Gain insight into the best practices for contractor management from 14 Campbell Institute members

3) Learn the tips and tricks of implementing a successful contractor management program

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Joy_Inouye.jpgJoy InouyeResearch Associate, Campbell Institute

Joy Inouye is the Research Associate for the Campbell Institute. She has worked on several research topics for the Institute including EHS leading indicators, risk perception, and contractor safety management. She is co-author of a recent journal article on leading indicators research and has co-presented on leading indicators at various conferences in the past year.

The research of contractor safety has recently been featured in the BNA Occupational Safety and Health Reporter, the NIOSH Science Blog, and other online safety communities.

Pat Cunningham.jpgPat Cunningham, MSDirector of Safety & Auditing Services, BROWZ

Pat Cunningham has a Masters in Occupational Health & Safety Management and over 25 years of experience in the field of safety. In addition to his appointment to the VPPPA Education Committee, Pat is a Delegate to the National Safety Council. Prior to BROWZ, Pat worked for Xcel Energy as the Director of Corporate Safety.

During that time, he was tasked with forming a contractor safety and qualification department for Xcel Energy. With this new department, Pat and Xcel Energy gained significant insight into the metrics of supply chain compliance to company protocols, the need for in-house employee training, supplier training and internal compliance of company policy.

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