[Webinar] The Hidden Risk in Your Supply Chain – A case study with Southern Company

An effective sourcing and supplier management process can create huge value from working with the supply base. Contractors and suppliers bring specialization, but working with external parties introduces risk and uncertainty – make the wrong decision and your competitiveness and your brand could suffer. 

Identifying risk and protecting your company brand are key considerations when managing your supply chain. Engaging with suppliers and ensuring from the outset that risk is recognized and accounted for, value proposition is outlined, can ensure that procurement fulfills its role and, crucially, business stakeholders can rely on transparency and stability in their relationships with those suppliers. 

This webinar discusses how Southern Company manages its suppliers and contractors to control and mitigate risk. It also includes an overview of the process they use to pre-qualify and manage third-parties before contracting work and throughout the duration of the relationship. 

Key Takeaways: 

• How to identify and manage the risk introduced to your business through suppliers, contractors, and vendors. 
• How, Southern Company, one of the leading U.S. Producers of Electricity, Southern, manages supplier and contractor risk 
• How to prequalify suppliers and address the ongoing management of that relationship. 
• How to address the multiple levels and types of risk in your supply chain. 
• Learn the common challenges of prequalifying suppliers and contractors and how to overcome them. 

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Joel-Van-Campen.jpgJoel Van Campen, Director, Professional Services, BROWZ

Joel Van Campen is director of professional services at BROWZ. During his 11 years with BROWZ, he has led the planning and implementation of contractor prequalification programs for clients across multiple industries. Some of his clients include: Ashland Chemical, Southern Company, BNSF, Holcim, and many others. His responsibilities include client relationships, implementation management, training and mentoring management team, and new product strategy.

Dan Meeks.jpg

Dan Meeks, CPA, PE – Sourcing Agent, Southern Company Services, Supply Chain Management

Dan Meeks holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Auburn University, an MBA from University of South Alabama and is a PE and CPA. He has 38 years in telecommunications with line and staff roles in engineering, revenue requirements, industry relations and finance. Mr. Meeks has been a Sourcing Agent with Southern Company since 2007 performing contractor prequalification, bid process, labor and material contracts.

Brett-Armstrong.jpgBrett Armstrong, VP of Marketing, BROWZ

Brett Armstrong is Vice President at BROWZ. He's been with BROWZ for over ten years, and he's had experienced managing teams that have supported the world's leading organizations, during the implementation and ongoing management of supply chain qualification programs. Earlier at BROWZ, Brett led the operations team for more than 7 years, this experience provides him today with the foundation and understanding necessary to support the communication needs of our clients and contractors.