WEBINAR | Top 10 Reasons Supplier Qualification Fails

...and 10 ways to ensure success


Why do supplier qualification programs fail?

There is increasing interest and sophistication in supply chain qualification, but there are several fundamental reasons why programs fail.

Join Gil for this webinar as he journeys through some of the pitfalls of and ways to succeed with supplier qualification. As the former Divisional Global Safety Manager for Caterpillar, he was charged with developing a global supplier qualification program. Gil knows firsthand the challenges of supplier qualification and setting up a program for success.

Please join us to hear about the common mistakes and learn more about successful qualification programs. This webinar will address issues from a national and global perspective and offer helpful tips for success.

Webinar: Top 10 Reasons Why Supplier Qualification Fails… And 10 ways to succeed
Presenters: Gil Diekhoff, former Divisional Global Safety Manager at Caterpillar
Pat Cunningham, Director of Safety & Auditing Services, BROWZ

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