WEBINAR | VPP Status: Continuous Process Improvement through Contractor Prequalification


While contractor safety prequalification is a requirement of VPP sites, many hoping to reach certification, and those which already have, struggle to mitigate their hidden business risks, or share stakeholder information across internal departments. While prequalification is essential, compliance is more than a 1-time event, it is an ongoing process that must be monitored, maintained, and managed consistently if an organization wants to effectively mitigate risk within its supply chain.

Join Pat Cunningham as he explores prequalification options which address risk mitigation, stakeholder concerns, program integration, and the dynamic nature of compliance - while at the same time tangibly improving efforts in continuous process improvement. Pat will also give an example of a management systems audit that can be used for assessing suppliers and contractors using the principles of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program.

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Webinar: VPP Status- Continuous Process Improvement through Contractor Prequalification
Presenter: Pat Cunningham, Director, Safety and Auditing Services at BROWZ

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