[Infographic] How to Use BROWZ ID Cards at your Worksite

With SURE Workforce as part of your program, clients can now use ID cards to check suppliers in and out of work sites. How do BROWZ ID cards work?


Badges can be printed by the supplier or the client and given to workers.

Suppliers can print a badge directly from their computer or clients can print a badge onsite using a professional card badge printer.


Scanning a badge is easy; simply use the camera on your mobile phone or a scanner.

Use BROWZ SURE Workforce mobile app to scan badge or use a commercial scanner or computer to scan badge.

The app gives you better insight into who is on site, their prequali­cations, and simpli­fies the check-in and check-out process. The SURE Workforce app makes it easier to print, scan, and use ID badges on your worksite. Click here to learn more about the SURE Workforce app and BROWZ ID cards. 

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