BROWZ Mobile Apps - Streamline contractor prequalification

Nov 12, 2017

BROWZ mobile apps bring accessibility and innovation to your contractor management program.

Customers want to take powerful data on their supply chain to make it more accessible for more people in a more efficient and convenient way. The BROWZ mobile strategy drives after accessibility and access across all of the product suites.

BROWZ - 3 Mobile Apps Infographic_600 px.png

The 3 BROWZ Mobile Apps

BROWZ for Clients

Access contractor and supplier compliance data while you are on the go. Real-time data is accessible both in the office and out in the field; anywhere a mobile or

Wi-Fi connection is available. Using your phone or tablet, you can check supplier compliance, view supplier deficiencies, contact a supplier, examine your overall compliance health, view Insight data, and much more.

BROWZ for Suppliers

Contractors and suppliers who are members of the BROWZ network have access to their company’s compliance data while they are in or out of the office. Real-time data is accessible both in the office and out in the field, from iOS and Android devices on a mobile or Wi-Fi network.

Using your phone or tablet, you can check your compliance status, view any deficiencies, manage your employee roster, contact your Supply Chain Specialist (SCS), and much more.

SURE Workforce

SURE Workforce allows you to monitor an individual’s compliance status, scan an employee ID card, integrate with badge and ERP systems, and check individuals in and out of your sites.

The BROWZ SURE Workforce mobile app is free to download in the Apple and Google Play app stores. To use the app, you must have an active BROWZ account with SURE Workforce as part of your program.

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