Is your contractor program strengthening relationships?

Nov 01, 2017

By now most organizations are familiar with the legal liability arising from activities of contractors and suppliers at a work site.

They recognize third-party compliance as the most difficult risk exposure to address and properly manage. 

The below infographic highlights common challenges that contractors face and the benefits of a properly administered supply chain qualification program. 

Contractor Relationships Infographic_600px.png

Many organizations have invested time and energy in contractor qualification programs, whether developed in-house or using external service providers, only to be disappointed by poor compliance levels or compromised contractor relationships. When properly administered, supply chain qualification and management solutions can:

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide value to contractors
  • Simplify compliance process
  • Strengthen relationships

Because there is a universal need to manage the risk of unsafe work practices and contractor qualification, contractors are being asked to meet many differing requirements.

Common complaints from contractors:

One size doesn’t fit all

Many supply chain qualification and management organizations take a one size fits all approach, requiring the same documents of every contractor regardless of size, risk exposure or business discipline.


Contractors need someone they can count on, who understands their predicament and questions, rather than having their questions answered by impersonal call centers or someone who is unavailable when they need help.

Difficult software

Let’s face it, even when contractors understand qualification requirements, it helps to have intuitive tools and processes that support the demands of reporting.

“What’s in it for me?”

Unless there is value added benefit beyond maintaining your business, many contractors view third party qualification as an unnecessary expense.

Overpriced solutions & hidden fees

Because qualification is necessary, many third-party agencies gouge contractors, even small contractors, with thousands of dollars in hidden fees and costs. This leads to contractor dissatisfaction and strained relationships.

The weakest link in your qualification efforts may be your current program.

To better understand how your contractor relationships are being impacted, it's essential to routinely evaluate your contractor management program and continually make improvements, or explore third party contractor management alternatives.

BROWZ assures supply chain compliance through comprehensive assessments and patented, configurable technology, providing confidence of a safer work environment to clients and contractors around the world.

To learn more about the importance of contractor relationships and how BROWZ can help, view our Client Case Studies