3 Safety Measurement Tools

Apr 17, 2018

The Journey to Safety Excellence creates a partnership between the National Safety Council and companies of all shapes and sizes.

With numerous resources available, companies can make better safety decisions while also boosting employee morale, increasing productivity, and lowering company costs.

The Journey to Safety Excellence offers tools, tests, and resources to assist on every step of the journey. Get instant access to the below safety measurement tools when you join the Journey to Safety Excellence.

NSC Safety System Assessment:

It's often what you don't know that can hurt you. The NSC Safety System Assessment empowers you to see what you're doing well and focus on where you can improve.

With the NSC Safety System Assessment, you get:

  • A FREE benchmarking measurement tool, rooted in research and tested in practice
  • A thorough analysis of the eight safety program categories outlined in the Journey to Safety Excellence:
  1.  Management Leadership & Commitment
  2. Motivation, Behavior & Attitudes
  3. Workforce Involvement
  4. Operational Processes & Procedures
  5. System Management & Communication
  6. Training & Orientation-
  7. Hazard Identification & Risk Reduction
  8. Assessment, Audits & Performance Measures
  • Your results compared against the NSC Database of nearly 500 companies
  • An opportunity to set a baseline measurement against which future improvements can be gauged

Move forward on your Journey to Safety Excellence! Results from your NSC Safety System Assessment can be used to develop plans for improvement in one or more categories or even individual items. With your results in hand, you’ll be able to act with purpose, knowing you’ve identified and are addressing safety vulnerabilities within your company.

NSC Employee Safety Perception Survey:

Wondering what your workers think of your safety program? Ask them. The NSC Employee Safety Perception Survey provides a quick snapshot of your organization's safety culture.

The survey helps you evaluate your program, establish priorities, motivate improvement and monitor performance at multiple sites and locations. Your organization’s responses will also be benchmarked with other organizations that have taken the survey to show you how your safety culture compares.

Unlike injury rates, which are lagging indicators of past experience, the NSC Employee Safety Perception Survey is a leading indicator that can help predict safety outcomes. It helps take the guess work out of how your safety program is performing and keeps you from making assumptions that may not be true.

NSC Incident Rate Calculator:

Having incidents and not sure why? Use the NSC Incident Rate Calculator to find trends in your data and see how you compare to others in your industry.

This benchmarking tool calculates your incident rates based on entered OSHA 300 log information and allows locations to compare their safety performance against Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) industry averages for up to a 6-digit NAICS code.

Once you enter the information for each of your locations, four graphs/tables are available. These illustrations are helpful to use within your safety reports and presentations to staff and management.

The Journey to Safety Excellence also offers hundreds of articles, webinars, and case studies in the Journey Guides section. Join the Journey to Safety Excellence today to elevate company safety and continually identify and reduce risk.