3 BROWZ Webinars Highlight Crucial Steps for Contractor Management Success

Sep 19, 2018

Throughout 2018, BROWZ has hosted webinars featuring a variety of topics aimed at improving contractor prequalification and management. Each of these webinars seeks to highlight crucial steps for contractor management success, whether you are in the initial stages of the program or have had a contractor prequalification program for years.

Pairing software and service with continual learning is essential to ensure that contractor prequalification programs are robust and complete. Read on to learn more about some of the webinars that BROWZ has hosted this year, and visit our webinars section to register for upcoming events.

Webinar #1: National Safety Council Study- Making the Case for Contractor Management

The issue of managing contractor EHS performance is an ongoing concern among organizations of all industries. Contract workers are a vulnerable population. Of the 4,836 fatal work injuries in the United States in 2015, 17% were to contracted workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many contractors perform non-routine work at sites that are not directly supervised by an EHS manager, or any manager at all.

The National Safety Council conducted an independent study, Making the Case for Contractor Management: Examining the Safety Benefits of Third-Party Management, with data supplied by BROWZ, LLC. This study examines the impact of contractor management programs – specifically prequalification – on the safety of contractors in the BROWZ database.

View the recording below and join the National Safety Council and Campbell Institute member, BROWZ for a presentation of this report and its findings. This webinar will also include a presentation of the five crucial steps in the contractor lifecycle as compiled from a Campbell Institute study of over 14 industry-leading organizations.

Key Questions Answered

  • Does the pre-qualification process enable contractors to become better and safer overall?
  • How does third-party pre-qualification companies add rigor to the process?
  • What are the established best practices in contractor management?
  • What are the 5 crucial steps in the contractor prequalification lifecycle?


Webinar Recording:


Webinar #2: 11 Tips for Implementing a Contractor Management System

The use of contractors can be both a great opportunity and a challenge. Contractors and suppliers bring specialization of skills and equipment. However, they can also bring risk to the companies that employ them.

More and more companies are seeing the need for prequalifying contractors and suppliers. This could include verifying insurance requirements and tracking safety trends, to ensuring social responsibility and financial health.

Identifying risk and protecting your company brand are key considerations when managing your supply chain. Contractors and suppliers bring specialization, but they also bring risk to your organization. BROWZ has over 17 years of experience developing and implementing supplier pre-qualification programs for the world’s largest organizations. We’ve seen the elements of a successful program.

View the recording below and join BROWZ for a webinar on 11 practical tips for implementing and/or improving your contractor management program. We’ve assembled a panel of experts from various companies to provide their insight. You can also download the BROWZ eBook which highlights each of the tips in further detail.

11 Tips for Implementing a Contractor Management System

  • Be Realistic
  • Know your stakeholders
  • Define contractor accountability
  • Tackling Insurance Requirements
  • Reviewing Safety Statistics
  • Defining Levels of Risk
  • Ensuring Licensure
  • Assessing Financial Stability
  • CSR and your business
  • Technology
  • Being forward thinking


Webinar Recording:


Webinar #3: How to Evaluate the Safety Performance of Contractors Using Lagging & Leading Indicators

Joint responsibility is the new normal for managing safety between employers and the contractors they hire. Any contractor, subcontractor, or vendor that comes on your site is now part of your risk profile. How do you manage this risk and desire for contractor continuous process improvement?

Progressive companies know they cannot limit their supply chain safety assessment focus to compliance alone. Contractors and suppliers that are compliant on paper still experience employee injury, leadership challenges, production errors and near miss events.

Thought-leading organizations such as the National Safety Council are challenging industry to ‘Move the Curve’ and go beyond compliance – to look deeper into safety management systems and company safety culture.

View the recording below for a webinar discussing using both lagging and leading indicators to evaluate the safety performance of contractors. We will be discussing how to track a contractor’s safety statistics and OSHA/MSHA violations, auditing safety programs, and performing safety management systems assessments.

Key Topics Covered

  • Why evaluate safety performance of contractors
  • What information to look at to track safety
  • How to interpret the safety data
  • How to manage the data
  • Auditing safety programs and safety manuals
  • Performing safety management system assessments


Webinar Recording:


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