BROWZ Solution - How to be compliant to FRA Part 219

March 17, 2017 //

ShortLine connection simplifies the process of managing Regulated Service contractors and provides visibility to their FRA 219 compliance information. Additionally, ShortLine connection gives you visibility to other critical data such as health and safety statistics, financial risk indicators, and active contractor employees working on your railroad.

Supply Chain Management and Prequalification

October 04, 2016 //

While the demand for supplier qualification increases there are still several fundamental reasons why internally manage programs fail. You can improve your 2015 contractor management program and ensure success by addressing the following.

2017 Procurement Strategy - Award Winning BROWZ

September 23, 2016 //

In a continuing move away from the traditional back office role, the CPO is considered a valuable member of the executive team. In this evolution away from a supporting role to a value added department, CPO's are constantly on the look out for new and trending procurement strategies.

Monitor Contractor Compliance in New Markets

August 24, 2016 //

Global expansion introduces many enterprises to new, complex regulatory environments that entail significant obligations and compliance challenges. These obstacles challenge both enterprises and contractors they choose to work with.

Mining Contractor Compliance is Critical

August 18, 2016 //

The United States Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) enforces strict guidelines for mining companies to ensure worker safety.

New SURE Carrier Feature

August 15, 2016 //

BROWZ’s newest product, SURE Carrier, has recently added a new feature that allows you to track crashes for motor carriers in your supply chain.

Supply Chain Risk a Threat to Business

August 12, 2016 //

Supply chain management is key in order for a company to run smoothly and provide customers with the products they are seeking.

Working with Contractors

August 09, 2016 //

Contractors are becoming vital components to business operations for companies of all sizes in varying industries. Enterprises are turning to industry-specific firms to take care of certain tasks within a project, allowing for in-house employees to focus on other duties.

Are your Transportation Contractors Distracted?

August 05, 2016 //

Most U.S. states have laws prohibiting drivers from sending text messages while on the road. Most states and cities also prevent drivers from making phone calls because it constitutes distracted driving.

Removing Risk from your Supply Chain

August 02, 2016 //

Most companies work hard to reduce risk from their supply chains, as any problems related to the delivery of third-party services and products can slow down production, cause logistical headaches, and potentially hurt profits.