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What is FRA Part 219 and what's required for shortline railroads to be compliant?

ShortLine connection simplifies the process of managing Regulated Service contractors and provides visibility to their FRA 219 compliance information. Additionally, ShortLine connection gives you visibility to other critical data such as health and safe…

Shipping- A Compliance Concern

Closely managing a supply chain is essential for business - corporations need to be assured that their suppliers are involved in risk mitigation to avoid fines and a bad reputation.

Maintaining Contractor Compliance Can Strengthen Business Relationships

Many contractors aim to comply with regulations to protect their workers from work-related hazards and ensure the safety of their production processes and final products. However, government regulations can change rapidly, and hiring companies often alter…

Compliance is More Than a One-Time Event | Part 3 [Infographic]

Through a combination of compliance best practices, advanced enterprise technology, and compliance support services, BROWZ delivers supply chain compliance that’s exactly right for your business needs. Our configurable solution acts a central repository o…

Compliance is More Than a One-Time Event | Part 2 [Infographic]

Failing to regularly manage and monitor compliance information beyond supplier prequalification can have large, potential negative impacts.

Compliance is More Than a One-Time Event | Part 1 [Infographic]

Compliance information is inherently dynamic- what are some critical types of compliance information?

Transforming Contractor Prequalification through Mobile Technology

BROWZ works to deliver assurance that your business is working with safe, qualified and socially-responsible contractors and suppliers, and we do this using a patented technology.

Ohio employer cited for OSHA violations

Cleveland Granite & Marble was recently cited by the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for 21 health violations, including three willful citations.

Expired patents could result in generic drug manufacturing growth

With patents on many commonly used pharmaceuticals facing expiration dates in the coming months, generic drug manufacturers may increase their output by starting to produce more affordable versions of brand-name medications.

Mitigating risk with contractor screening critical

Contractor management is essential for companies working with service partners.

EPA tightens soot rule

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced a new standard for soot pollution, which will require industries to make significant changes in order to comply with the revised rule.

Carbon emissions hit record high, sustainability becomes major concern

Many businesses have been increasingly focused on sustainability and green business practices as government regulations evolve and consumer concerns and preferences change.

Surprise inspections make compliance essential

A recent article in EHS Today revealed that a recent sweep in the state of Washington resulted in the citation of 11 private contractors hired by businesses or consumers. The citations were handed out to companies that lacked proper state registration, we…

Knowing RIDDOR basics is essential

With more companies conducting business across the globe, being aware of foreign regulations is critical to a company's success. When working with contractors in the United Kingdom, for instance, a business must be certain its contractors comply with the …

Know COSHH principles when working with UK contractors

As business becomes more global, many hiring companies may find themselves working with contractors located across the globe. When partnering with such firms, it is essential for American companies to remember industry regulations are not necessarily the …

Maintaining contractor compliance can strengthen business relationships

Many contractors aim to comply with regulations to protect their workers from work-related hazards and ensure the safety of their production processes and final products.

NIST report highlights contractor risks within supply chain

The importance of risk mitigation is clear when businesses collaborate with contractors throughout their supply chains. Contractors that are not thoroughly vetted beforehand may pose a risk to the companies that purchase their products or rely upon their …

Apple to enforce supplier compliance

As electronics giant Apple has increased its range of products and its consumer goods have become more popular, the demand for Apple accessories has increased.

New regulations for CMV drivers important to compliance

Many businesses use or contract with commercial motor vehicles (CMV) operators to transport goods or raw materials across the country.

OSHA to protect whistleblowers

Companies working with contractors are often concerned about ensuring their partners are compliant with industry regulations before agreeing to a business arrangement.

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