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Why It's Essential to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Most companies work hard to reduce risk from their supply chains, as any problems related to the delivery of third-party services and products can slow down production, cause logistical headaches, and potentially hurt profits.

Getting It Right: Solving Challenges of Contractor Qualification and Management

Are you struggling to deal with an ever-increasing population of contractors in your workplace while simultaneously keeping up with government regulations? Are you still using paper-based processes or homegrown spreadsheet solutions to certify and ensure …

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Technology Solution

As companies become more sophisticated in their supply chain qualification and management activities, they’re quickly discovering limitations in the information systems they rely on to keep track of supplier information.

BROWZ 2016 – Our Year in Review

2016 has been an incredible year for BROWZ. From new product releases to our second annual BROWZ Client Summit, BROWZ has seen an incredible amount of growth this year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Supply Chain Risk a Threat to Business

Supply chain management is key in order for a company to run smoothly and provide customers with the products they are seeking.

Shipping- A Compliance Concern

Closely managing a supply chain is essential for business - corporations need to be assured that their suppliers are involved in risk mitigation to avoid fines and a bad reputation.

How to Strike the Best Deal with Contractors

It is difficult enough for corporations to spend valuable resources working to make the best deal with a handful of outside contractors and project vendors - it is entirely different to have to work out agreements and suitable contracts with hundreds or t…

Building a Contractor Prequalification Program: The Value of Continuous Support

The implementation and building of a contractor screening program can be a large project that requires considerable resources. Effective and sustainable programs require the support of a group of people who are dedicated to helping set up a certification …

Poorly Defined or Inappropriate Standards and the Effect on Supplier Prequalification

Any time you align your business with a contractor or supplier, you run the risk of choosing the wrong one. While a contractor may be a separate entity from your business, consumers associate anyone working on your project with your brand and your busines…

SURE Workforce – Manage Qualifications at the Employee Level [Infographic]

With the release of the SURE Workforce mobile app, it’s helpful to understand what SURE Workforce as a BROWZ product does as a whole. SURE Workforce, an add-on to SURE Qualify, takes compliance one step further and provides insight down to the employee le…

Challenges That Could Break your Supply Chain

You don’t have to be an expert to see the changes over the last decade in supply chain management. Changes that include cheaper manufacturing bases in Asia creating global supply chains to the advent of new technology such as cloud based systems and RFID’…

Continuous Use of Best Practices and Constant Improvement

Managing a contractor or supplier working on a project for your company is more than a one-time event – it is a fluid process that must be adjusted throughout the project. If your executives or administrators believe that this is a one-time event, they ma…

Coming Soon - New SURE Workforce Mobile App

BROWZ is excited to announce the new SURE Workforce mobile app coming soon. SURE Workforce mobile app is the third app that will be released in the award-winning suite of BROWZ mobile apps.

Administrative Support Is Necessary for Success

Your company has choices when it’s time to choose contractors and suppliers to work on your projects. You always have the option to run the process, choose contractors and ensure compliance in house, but this can eat into valuable resources over time.

Poor Enforcement Can Sink your Supply Chain

One of the most common reasons that a supply chain management program may fail is poor enforcement, both internally and externally. Once standards have been set, suppliers and contractors must not only know about the penalties associated with non-complian…

Suppliers and Contractors Must Understand the Importance of the Prequalification Process

If you have your internal team on board with the idea of a prequalification process for contractors and suppliers, you may still run into issues with the suppliers themselves. If contractors don’t understand the potential value of the prequalification pro…

Technology is Necessary to Prequalify Suppliers and Contractors

When you bring in an outside company to work on any job for your organization, you run certain risks, particularly if that company isn’t prequalified to be safe, reliable and socially responsible.

How to Avoid Supply Chain Disasters

There are many examples of supply chain disasters that expose organizations to poor public relations, bad reputations, and of course a loss of revenue. Some of the worst case situations involve terrible working conditions, severe environmental pollution, …

How Mature is your Procurement Department?

Have you ever wondered how mature your procurement department really is? It may have only been set up recently or been up and running for several years. It’s not always true that the longest serving departments are the most mature.

Planning for Emergencies

While no one likes to think about an emergency situation occurring in their organization, turning a blind eye to it often results in not making any plans.

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