Recent fire highlights need for safety compliance

November 27, 2013 //

A fire at a factory in Bangladesh that recently killed more than 100 workers has brought attention to safety concerns throughout supply chains and what actions are being taken to promote corporate social responsibility.

Samsung aims for supplier compliance

November 24, 2013 //

Technology giant Samsung recently conducted an audit of its suppliers and manufacturers after allegations of child labor in the company's supply chain in China arose.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations may change following election

November 21, 2013 //

The re-election of President Barack Obama has the potential to drive significant regulatory changes in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

New OSHA hazard communication standard approaching

November 18, 2013 //

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration frequently releases new standards for employers and workers in order to keep employees safe on the job.

Fire at ExxonMobil refinery highlights need for safety compliance

November 15, 2013 //

A recent fire at ExxonMobil's refinery and chemical complex in Baytown, Texas, highlighted the need for companies to ensure their operations follow safety guidelines.

Plant explosion brings safety questions, supply chain disruptions

November 12, 2013 //

When contractors fail to maintain safety protocols, their own employees as well as their clients can be seriously impacted. A recent explosion in a Japanese chemical plant - which manufactured a key ingredient for diaper production - has resulted in one death, at least 30 injuries, and a potential shortage in the world diaper supply.

MSHA issues PPOV letters

March 16, 2013 //

The Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) recently announced that it has put several mining operators on-notice in regard to potential patterns of violations (PPOV) that deal with health and safety standards.

Top 10 OSHA violations announced

March 05, 2013 //

While most companies strive to ensure workers are safe while on the job, some do fall short of requirements and fail to adequately protect employees.

Federal regulatory agendas announced

February 28, 2013 //

In late December, federal agencies were required to release their regulatory agendas for the coming year.