Behind-the-scenes work required to hire reliable contractors

January 23, 2014 //

Companies hire contractors to efficiently work within their specific specialties on large projects,but failing to prequalify could put them at risk.

Healthcare groups explore outsourcing options

January 20, 2014 //

For the past few decades, businesses around the world have turned to outsourcing as a means of reducing their operating expenses and increasing efficiencies.

Company leaders must manage internal and external risks

January 17, 2014 //

In a globalized but still unsteady economy, it's common practice for organizations to outsource some of their functions to external contractors.

The dangers of distracted transportation contractors

January 14, 2014 //

Most U.S. states have laws prohibiting drivers from sending text messages while on the road. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has partnered with the Department of Transportation to prevent driving accidents and create safer roads for transportation employees and the general public, there are still looming safety issues.

Top 10 underground coal mining MSHA violations

January 11, 2014 //

It's no secret that the mining industry is difficult on workers and contractors, but it is also quite challenging for the large multinational corporations that must simultaneously juggle compliance training, risk mitigation and the bevy of Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations.

The importance of worldwide incident reporting and understanding for multinational corporations

January 08, 2014 //

Considering the constant updates and additions to regulations and standards, perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of successfully running a multinational corporation is actually keeping up with the times.

Supplier management growing in focus

January 05, 2014 //

In an intense regulatory environment with rampant economic uncertainty, more companies are looking to reduce their risks. As a result, some are realizing that the vendors, suppliers and contractors they partner with may be presenting additional threats to their operations.

Corporate social responsibility is everyone's business

January 02, 2014 //

In recent years, the balance of power has shifted from companies to consumers, and more people are demanding products that meet their needs without causing social or environmental harm.

Government policy would penalize oil companies and contractors alike

December 30, 2013 //

The Interior Department's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement recently issued an interim policy document warning that operators and contractors about offshore exploration, development and production projects can be penalized if they fail to comply with regulations.

Oracle settlement shows importance of foreign risk management

December 27, 2013 //

The Oracle corporation recently agreed to pay a $2 million fine to settle allegations that one of its subsidiaries violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).