Implementing CSR: From frameworks to focus areas

September 27, 2017 //

A mining operator may be intrigued by the idea of instituting CSR policies, but that doesn’t mean that it’s obvious how to begin implementing sustainable or ethical initiatives. While there is no single standard for corporate responsibility, many companies are taking several steps to make their commitment to worker health, community development, and environmentalism known.

Choosing a Contractor Prequalification System: 10 Questions

September 20, 2017 //

Managing supply chain qualification is a complex and ongoing challenge that is highly dependent on your unique business characteristics. Fortunately, you have a variety of alternatives to evaluate; from managing supplier qualification in-house to relying on an external vendor solution to implement and manage an effective supply chain qualification and management program.

5 More Ways to Jumpstart Contractor Qualification Program

September 13, 2017 //

Has your organization invested time and energy into contractor qualification programs only to be disappointed by poor compliance levels or compromised contractor relationships? Perhaps you’re in the process of developing a program right now and want to make sure you’re on the right track.

5 Ways to Jumpstart your Contractor Qualification Program

September 06, 2017 //

The use of contractors can be both a great opportunity and a challenge. Contractors and suppliers bring specialization of skills and equipment. However, they can also bring risk to the companies that employ them.

CSR in Mining: 2 Issues Affecting Mining Companies Today

August 29, 2017 //

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rapidly becoming a significant issue for all businesses, not merely those in the traditionally green or sustainable industries. Companies are finding it beneficial, and in some instances, necessary, to strengthen their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Conflict Minerals Effect on Corporate Social Responsibility

August 21, 2017 //

In recent years, “conflict minerals” have gained the attention of consumers, politicians, and major companies. With the passage of recent mandates, corporations will now need to publish information about conflict mineral use within their business.

Challenges of Subcontractor Compliance

August 10, 2017 //

If you manage a large population of subcontractors, BROWZ can help you manage the prequalification of your subcontractors while improving the efficiency of your business.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Technology Solution

August 01, 2017 //

As companies become more sophisticated in their supply chain qualification and management activities, they’re quickly discovering limitations in the information systems they rely on to keep track of supplier information.

How to Improve Contractor Relationships

July 25, 2017 //

Many organizations have invested time and energy in contractor qualification programs, whether developed in-house or using external service providers, only to be disappointed by poor compliance levels or compromised contractor relationships.

How To Create An Environment of Compliance

July 10, 2017 //

It’s no secret that owners, operators, and companies own the responsibility for ensuring compliance of contractors at their worksite. It remains your responsibility as the owner/operator to ensure that every contractor working for you adheres to regulatory safety standards.