Challenges in Remote Mining

February 16, 2016 //

How do companies continuously improve HSE particularly in remote regions of the country where costs are even higher and skilled workers are difficult to recruit and retain?

How Mature is your Procurement Department?

February 11, 2016 //

Have you ever wondered how mature your procurement department really is? It may have only been set up recently or been up and running for several years. It’s not always true that the longest serving departments are the most mature.

Transforming Contractor Prequalification through Mobile Technology

February 09, 2016 //

BROWZ works to deliver assurance that your business is working with safe, qualified and socially-responsible contractors and suppliers, and we do this using a patented technology.

Planning for Emergencies

February 02, 2016 //

While no one likes to think about an emergency situation occurring in their organization, turning a blind eye to it often results in not making any plans.

Getting Your Suppliers to Buy-In to the Prequalification Process

January 28, 2016 //

Your brand is what defines your business, and it should be protected at all costs. A negative experience with a brand can be hugely detrimental as customers determine that their trust should be placed elsewhere.

How Ineffective Communication Can Destroy your Contractor Qualification Process

January 26, 2016 //

Ineffective communication can be the downfall of any organization, and is pertinent to the contractor prequalification process. Communication is an essential part of every facet of your business, and becomes even more crucial when the work of contractors and supply chains can reflect back on your brand or company.

The Danger of Not Understanding Internal Stakeholder Needs

January 20, 2016 //

Regardless of the size of your business, mitigating and controlling risk is an essential part of staying successful. Whether you run a small mom and pop restaurant or a Fortune 500 company, there are inherent risks in owning and running a business.

Ashland Reduces Cost and Improves Safety with BROWZ

January 14, 2016 //

Ashland Inc. is a global leader in providing specialty chemical solutions to customers in a wide range of consumer and industrial markets. With over 10,000 employees and sites in 100 countries, workplace safety is a top concern.

The BROWZ Process - From Start to Finish [Infographic]

January 12, 2016 //

Just what does the BROWZ process look like? We understand that software alone doesn’t ensure the success of your contractor prequalification program. That’s why we place equal emphasis on delivering personalized service. In other words, with BROWZ, you’re not just buying software—you’re getting a partner.

Company Policies: Are They in Place?

January 08, 2016 //

Policies serve a bigger purpose in the overall goals of the organization than what employees initially realize. For example, they serve as a guide to achieve a predetermined action or outcome; they serve as a roadmap for decision making and they help continuously improve the way you do business.