Risk Mitigation Requires Thorough Prequalification

July 18, 2016 //

Most companies work hard to reduce risk from their supply chains, as problems can slow down production, cause logistical headaches, and potentially hurt profits.

Shipping- A Compliance Concern

July 14, 2016 //

Closely managing a supply chain is essential for business - corporations need to be assured that their suppliers are involved in risk mitigation to avoid fines and a bad reputation.

Risk Mitigation Essential to Preventing Accidents

July 12, 2016 //

Companies seeking to hire new contractors or suppliers may be eager to hire a partner and begin new projects, but they should not let their anticipation get in the way of proper risk mitigation strategies.

Contractor Compliance Challenges for CEOs

June 28, 2016 //

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to expand into new countries with minimal investment and optimal levels of productivity. When entering international markets, companies must learn and implement new standards and regulations, as well as take steps to ensure compliance with both domestic and international compliance laws for each industry.

Maintaining Contractor Compliance Can Strengthen Business Relationships

June 24, 2016 //

Many contractors aim to comply with regulations to protect their workers from work-related hazards and ensure the safety of their production processes and final products. However, government regulations can change rapidly, and hiring companies often alter their own compliance policies, making it necessary for businesses to verify that their contractors abide by both existing guidelines and new regulations.

BROWZ Appears in Forbes Magazine

June 21, 2016 //

BROWZ recently appeared in Forbes Magazine, the article highlighting both new BROWZ products and BROWZ CEO Elaine Beitler. Throughout the article, Elaine Beitler discusses the change occurring at BROWZ, and the recent accolades and achievements that push BROWZ forward to create better solutions for their clients.

Even Small Firms Need to Ensure OSHA Compliance

June 21, 2016 //

The Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations that aim to protect workers employed at companies of all sizes. No matter how many workers a company has, it is important for it to work hard to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Creating Confidence with Supply Chain Management

June 17, 2016 //

All business-supplier partnerships present risk. However, the level of that risk varies based on the services or goods being supplied. Some contractors and suppliers may be critical to your operations, while others play a smaller role and present less of a threat to business continuity.

Contractors Must Meet Sustainability Guidelines

June 13, 2016 //

More and more companies are voluntarily implementing green initiatives to reduce costs and preserve the environment — and simultaneously they are expecting their suppliers and service contractors to do the same.

Do I Need a Contractor Verification System?

June 08, 2016 //

Globalization has led to an explosion in the number of contractors that both multinational and domestic companies are working with. There are strong economic drivers for businesses that operate in other countries to hire local service providers and workers, but there is also solid domestic demand for contracted suppliers, as firms seek to partner with third parties for specific projects or needs.