Implementing Contractor Qualification & Contractor Management Services

Lessons from the safety guy

Over the last 20 years, the political landscape has changed so extensively that owners, prime and subcontractors are no longer insulated from one another’s safety liabilities. Employing organizations will be held accountable for the decisions they make on who they hire – including third-party contractors.

BROWZ’s very own “Safety Guy,” Pat Cunningham, wrestled with this challenge throughout his career. While working for a large electric utility, Pat was tasked with implementing a contractor qualification and management program to address this shared liability. In our newest eBook, Pat tells his story of wrestling with the various considerations and options available for managing contractor qualification.

Download this eBook and you will learn about:

  • Changes in the regulatory environment to mandate contractor qualification and compliance.
  • The considerations of keeping compliance “in-house.”
  • What to consider when hiring a contractor prequalification service provider.
  • The expected outcomes of implementing contractor qualification and management


No matter how you are currently addressing contractor safety, BROWZ can help with all aspects of contractor management – from building your program from scratch to optimizing existing process with best practices. We have the team and the expertise that can help you improve safety and minimize risk, implementing our contractor management services.

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