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"Our experience with BROWZ has been fantastic. They've been simply outstanding. We're in about year two of bringing them on board in two of our business divisions, fully integrated into the program and the BROWZ team has been just simply outstanding and patient, working out the bugs, getting this program up and running for our company. 



My role as Corporate Counsel, Director of Risk Management has interfaced with BROWZ about two years ago, me working with our Health and Safety Department, make a decision to bring BROWZ on as a trusted partner to get our hands around contractor vetting, in terms of the Health and Safety program and insurance requirements.

Overall, just the patience and level of understanding in their willingness to sort of understand our business as an engineering consulting firm and who our clients are so that they can work with us to get a program up and running has been really important.

Their ability to work with us and empathize with our challenges has been the standout in my mind. Prior to BROWZ, we were doing this internally on our own, and because of the resource challenges spread thin, we were unable to do that on our own so we really needed an outside, trusted partner to come in and help us out.

Some of our clients require us to become members of other providers and from that experience, Browse is by the industry leader from our perspective. So we've had some experience with others, competitors, and really pleased with BROWZ and they seem to stand out in our minds.

The key sort of performance metric for us is to get our trade subcontractors qualified in terms of the health and safety programs so the vetting approvals, and then making sure that their insurance program meets our minimums so that is tracked.

We've been very successful and pleased with that outcome. The single biggest benefit I would say is just having a valued, outside, trusted partner that empathizes with the work that we do and willingness to sit down with us and created solutions that make sense for our company."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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