Contractor Management Services - Answering the Why:

A Panel discussion with EnergySolutions and ProPetro

The suppliers, contractors, and vendors you hire have a large impact on your organization’s success. The risk introduced to your business by any supplier in your supply chain inherently becomes your risk. Today, owners, prime and subcontractors are no longer insulated from one another’s safety liabilities. Employing organizations will be held accountable for the decisions they make on who they hire – including third-party contractors.

How are you managing and mitigating this risk throughout your organization? Many companies are looking to contractor management and prequalification services to assist in this process.

Join EnergySolutions and ProPetro for a discussion on the ‘Why’ of Contractor Management and their reasons for using contractor management services for their business. These companies are taking a proactive approach to managing their relationships with third-party contractors, suppliers, and vendors using a contractor management system. These industry leaders are drawing a line in the sand of who they will work with based on key safety and performance metrics. By doing this, they are able to improve their safety performance and reduce the risk to their organization.

Key Topics

  • Why manage contractors, suppliers and vendors?
  • Strategies for hiring qualified contractors and vendors.
  • Navigating internal change management when rolling out a new program.
  • Selecting a contractor management system
  • Working with a contractor management services company.
  • Results that can achieved through qualification of third-parties.

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Thomas Bruder

Thomas Bruder

Director of HSE/QC, ProPetro Services Inc.

Thomas Bruder is the HSE/QC Director for ProPetro Services Inc., a leading company in the Oil & Gas Industry headquartered in Midland Texas; a leader in Hydraulic Fracturing and other Well Servicing activities. Previously, Thomas was one of the owners/founders of clothing manufacturing company Onsite International Inc., operating in El Paso, Texas and Mexico with over 1500 employees.

He utilizes his education: Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin and Occupational Safety from University of Texas Arlington and Texas A&M University in structuring the HSE Department at ProPetro. Thomas has established safety as a core value at ProPetro that is driven from the leadership downward as a way to ensure their success and future growth.

Rick Stapp

Rick Stapp

Director of Business Development North America, BROWZ

Rick Stapp serves at the Director of Business Development for BROWZ in North America. Rick loves learning about the needs and requirements of potential clients and of existing clients and then doing his best to address and meet those identified needs. Rick has been in the Business Development field for many years and loves interacting with and getting to know the people that he supports and works with.

Jeff Willman, CSP, CHCM, CHSP

Jeff Willman, CSP, CHCM, CHSP

Senior Vice President - Radiation and Industrial Safety and Health, EnergySolutions

Jeff Willman joined EnergySolutions in August of 2015 as Senior Vice President of Radiation and Industrial Safety & Health. Prior to EnergySolutions, Mr. Willman was the Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety for Orica, the world’s largest manufacturer and end user of commercial explosives. His broad range of experience includes mining, heavy manufacturing, healthcare, nuclear, and explosives industries, giving him a unique perspective on effective safety and health management and systems.

With numerous certifications and 25 years of senior level safety management experience, Mr. Willman’s work in the safety field has been highlighted in multiple safety and health magazines and national news publications. He began his safety career while serving in the United States Marine Corps for 4th LAAD-Low Altitude Air Defense where he led a Stinger Missile Team.

Mr. Willman holds degrees in Occupational Safety & Health and Industrial Engineering Management from Jacksonville State University.


Join Us

Thursday January 17, 2019

2:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM MT


New Year’s Resolutions for Managing Risk & Safety

5 Best Practices for Creating a Contractor Safety Management Program

This webinar takes place on

Thursday January 17, 2019

2:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM MT

Most successful companies have a long-term vision and expectation of where they want to be and how to get there. Because of this, each new business year inevitably brings with it corporate resolutions and company goals that will pave the way for the months ahead.
Such goals often include increasing sales, opening new locations, and offering new and improved products and services. To manage costs and streamline operations, many organizations are turning to contractors to supply them with goods and services they previously kept in-house. Hiring contractors presents companies with both benefit and areas of potential risk that must be addressed throughout the process.
This presentation will examine best practice methods in contractor management, outlined by the Campbell Institute, a division of the National Safety Council, and review the steps that companies should be taking now and throughout the year to establish a safe and conscientious plan for managing the contractors they work with.

Topics Include:

  • Research findings on contractor management best practices
  • Incorporating leading and lagging risk indicators
  • Establishing more effective partnerships with contractors and suppliers
  • Working with internal teams to achieve a common goal


Brett Armstrong

Brett Armstrong

Vice President of Marketing, BROWZ

Brett Armstrong is Vice President at BROWZ. He's been with BROWZ for over ten years, and he's had experienced managing teams that have supported the world's leading organizations, during the implementation and ongoing management of supply chain qualification programs.

Earlier at BROWZ, Brett led the operations team for more than 7 years, this experience provides him today with the foundation and understanding necessary to support the communication needs of our clients and contractors.

Dennis  Robinson

Dennis Robinson

Business Development Specialist, BROWZ

Dennis Robinson has been with BROWZ for over 10 years and is currently working as Business Development Specialist. Prior to his current role, Dennis managed the Assessment Specialist team responsible for the validation of all contractor documentation. Mr. Robinson’s experience provides him with a first-hand knowledge of the details and documentation organization’s rely on to ensure they are working with safe, responsible contractors.