What is procurement's role in

Creating a culture of safety

The supply chain is regularly thought of only in terms of the flow of materials and goods that support a business. However, a more comprehensive and practical definition includes all the third-party service providers and contractors that assist an organization in its operations.
This means that the maintenance workers who fix broken equipment, subcontractors that oversee a facility, and the trucking company that transports material between facilities are all part of your supply chain.
If you employ contractors, how effectively they do - or don't - observe safety protocols and contractual requirements may impact your company's image, compliance, and business continuity.

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  • Why procurement should take an active interest in safety throughout the supply chain.
  • How the procurement and safety functions can work together to ensure that suppliers meet organizational compliance standards.
  • The risks of ignoring contractor and supplier safety.




"Procurement can influence overall  safety through the purchasing decisions it makes, not only for materials suppliers and vendors, but also the contractors that perform services on behalf of the organization."


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