The importance of

Assessing Supplier Financial Stability

...and the consequences when you don't

Suppliers are the lifeblood of many organizations. Regardless of what they are providing - a product, a service, or a combination of the two - companies depend on contractors and suppliers fulfilling their contracts.

While the symbiotic relationship between companies and their suppliers drives operations, that mutual reliance also introduces business risk.

In a MIT-PwC survey of 209 companies with a global footprint, more than 60% noted that disruptions within their supply chains had led to a 3% or more drop in the respondents’ financial performance.

Download this White Paper and you will learn:

  • The benefits of assessing supplier financial stability.
  • The consequences of failing to review suppliers.
  • How large corporations have been put at risk due to financially unstable partners.
  • What financial information is important to track on suppliers.




"By gathering key supplier financial information, you can minimize the threats introduced to your business."


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