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Top 5 Challenges of Contractor Qualification & Management

When considering how to best manage contractor qualification, it's useful to consider the most common issues business overlook. Download eBook to learn how to avoid these common pitfalls and minimize your risk.

Making the Case for Contractor Management: Examining the Safety Benefits of 3rd-Party Management

A new research paper from the National Safety Council, Making the Case for Contractor Management: Examining the Safety Benefits of Third-Party Management, summarizes the results and efficacy of outsourced contractor management systems and dives into data supplied from BROWZ to examine the impact of contractor management programs.

Pay Now Pay Later

Though it might seem cost-effective in the beginning, hiring the wrong contractors could turn out to be extremely expensive in the long run. Download our free white paper to learn about assessing the economic value of a contractor qualification and management solution including the business conditions and potential indirect and direct costs associated.

Viewpoint- Supply Chain Management

The rapid and continuing change to global and local supply chains means that very few businesses remain untouched by ever more complex risks. But can this change be managed?

Procurement Leaders - Insight Contractor Qualification

It has become the downside the strategy consultants don’t tell you about. Although it is widely accepted that it makes good sense for businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, the inevitable corollary is that non-core activities will have to be outsourced to third parties. But what if those third-party contractors are negligent, unsafe, or incompetent?

Preventing Supplier Prequalification Failure

Just as you train your employees on company guidelines and measure internal departments based on their performance and compliance, your third-party suppliers and contractors must be held to certain standards to offset risk and deliver the best results for your business.

BROWZ - How it works

BROWZ ensures supply chains are safe, qualified and socially responsible by delivering comprehensive solutions to prequalify, assess, and monitor compliance based on the unique needs of your business.

Global Supply Chain Assessments

You don't have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to supplier qualification and supply chain assessment. BROWZ partners with you to create a supply chain qualification and management program that fits your business.

Contractor and Supplier Membership

Learn how membership with BROWZ can help you get continued work from customers, increase your business opportunities, improve your safety processes, level the playing field, and demonstrate your excellence with third-party validation.

What is Supplier Qualification?

Supply chain management isn't just about the flow of materials and goods, it also includes qualifying suppliers and contractors. Anyone who comes on site presents risk to your business.

Supply Chain Qualification Solutions for Procurement & Safety

BROWZ is the right fit for safety, risk, and procurement professionals seeking assurance they are working with the best qualified members of their supply chain.

Supply Chain Qualification & Management Products

BROWZ is your complete supply chain qualification and management solution. The BROWZ product suite addresses your needs for sourcing, qualifying, and managing your supply chain.

Ashland Case Study

Global chemical company reduces cost and improves workplace safety with BROWZ. Ashland acheived return on investment in under one year, established consistency in contractor prequalification, improved relationships and interactions with contractors, and improved workplace safety overall.

Caterpillar Case Study

Global equipment manufacturing company partners with BROWZ to implement a best-in-class contractor safety program to ensure contractors are safe and qualified. When the program was first implemented, Caterpillar realized that only 25% of their supply chain was compliant to their standards. Now they are achieving ~80% compliance and are seeing a consistently decreasing injury rate among contractors in BROWZ.

Mining Case Study

Global mining company partners with BROWZ to mitigate supply chain risk and efficiently manage contractor safety and compliance. BROWZ has helped the mining organization to automate several manual work flows by building new functionality and integrating with other key enterprise technology systems such as ERP, security, and operations among others.

Southern Company Case Study

BROWZ helps utility giant prequalify contractors more consistently and efficiently with centralized system. Southern Company decided to implement the BROWZ solution 8 years ago, and since that time has seen a dramatic increase in efficiency and accessibility to comprehensive data. Implementing BROWZ has ensured that Southern Company works with qualified, safe contractors while consistently improving ROI.

Xcel Energy Case Study

Xcel Energy is a company that lives up to its name. They’re one of the ten largest electric utilities in the US, employing 12,500 people and leading the industry in new and clean energy technologies. Those same high standards apply when it comes health and safety, a number one priority for the company’s leadership and a key part of their corporate culture. And suppliers form no less of a priority.

Lhoist Case Study

As a global company with thousands of contractors, suppliers, and carriers, Lhoist NA struggled to maintain contractor qualification information through spreadsheets and paperwork. The manual process of collecting, storing, and communicating information needed to be changed.

ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River) LLC Case Study

ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC takes pride in expertise, reliability, and compliance. As one of the largest suppliers of activated carbon, ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC designed and built the largest and most automated, advanced activated carbon plant in North America. Those same standards for innovation and excellence also apply when it comes to health and safety.

Class I Railroad Case Study

Safety is paramount to success on the railroads. Over the years, a particular Class I Railroad recognized the need for change regarding safety and how contractors are prequalified and monitored. The corporate initiative to implement a contractor prequalification program began soon after the BP oil spill in 2010.

Performance Evaluations Case Study

Hiring the best contractors for the job is essential to streamlining contractor management and mitigating risk. One of the largest energy producers in the Southeast United States began using BROWZ for contractor prequalification services in 2016.

JenTech Drilling Supply Case Study

After registering with BROWZ, Jentech Drilling Supply can make better business decisions and remain compliant to work with many large mines in the area.

Windcreek Services Case Study

After registering with BROWZ, Windcreek Services has better access to compliance information and quick access to a personalized, dedicated support person.

ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River) LLC Supplier Case Study

After registering with BROWZ, ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River LLC) has better foresight beforehand about expiring documents and certifications, and overall accessibility makes it easier for both suppliers and clients to view critical compliance data.

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) Case Study

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) has better access to compliance information and quick access to a personalized, dedicated support person.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation Case Study

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation specializes in packaging machines that deliver top performance, specifically working with erectors, packers, sealers, partitioners, palletizers, depalletizers, and decasers. As a growing business, A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation seeks to continually improve and exceed their client’s compliance expectations.

CTI Industries Inc. Case Study

CTI Industries Inc. is a technical service company and global leader specializing in steam condenser and heat exchanger repair. Working with complex businesses and situations, CTI Industries Inc. has to ensure the highest safety standards for all their employees and clients. In 2009, CTI Industries Inc. was asked to register in BROWZ for both Ameren and Rayonier, and now provides services for many BROWZ clients in the refining, chemical, and power generation industries.

BROWZ Receives Company of the Year Award from CIO Bulletin
August 12, 2020 //

BROWZ was recently awarded the prestigious CIO Bulletin Company of the Year Award. BROWZ considers this award to be the capstone of 2018.

BROWZ Performance Evaluations: How Post-Job Evaluations Change the Contractor Management Process
February 19, 2019 //

Post-job evaluation is not only a step in The Contractor Lifecycle created by The Campbell Institute, but is also one of the best tools’ companies can use to improve business decisions and continually place safety at the forefront.

Avetta and BROWZ Combine to Form One of the World’s Leading Providers of Supply Chain Risk Management
February 16, 2019 //


[Infographic] Top 10 OSHA Violations – Now is the Perfect Time to Prepare for 2019
January 21, 2019 //

Every year, OSHA announces the top 10 safety violations in an effort to make companies more aware and to provide resources and help so that hazards can be addressed.

2018 OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations Part 2
December 11, 2018 //

At the 2018 National Safety Congress, OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations of the year were announced. Read on to learn more about various violations and resources to make companies safe.


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